24 Sept. 2004
Today I sadly come to the end of what has been the experience of a lifetime-all be it a painfully short one (just 2 weeks Not long enough)

It has been a pleasure teaching here and being a part of this fantastic school. Never have I sensed such a warm, happy atmosphere amongst both students and staff. It is really quick extraordinary to see what Surendra has achieved here and I’m sure will continue to go on to achieve Surendra (Mr. Humble himself) is quite inspirational and words cannot thank him and his family enough for opening that doors and their hearts to us there past 2 weeks and doing everything in their power to make our stay comfortable and memorable. I will most definitely be in touch in the near future and hope to continue to support you in any way I can.
Thank you, for the wonderful memories.
Lots of Love.

Jenny Gunn


Make a difference, become a volunteer. Teach subjects such as English, Craft, Community Health and Administration. Other possibilities could be discussed. We share experiences through volunteering and exchange programs.

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