Of course, to be of help you need something that organizations value, whether it is specific skills, qualifications, insight, or just a different perspective. If you do not have a resume or CV that outlines your experience and background, make an inventory of your skills and qualifications. This list will not only help you select the right organization, but will also help you better present yourself as an applicant.

Ask yourself: What can I do? What can I offer? Am I certified in any particular area? Maybe you can teach your native tongue, the English language. Maybe you can speak Hindi, or maybe you know how to install solar panels or computer software. Make a list of all your skills, achievements and qualifications. Then ask yourself how these skills might be helpful in a developing country given their needs, resources, and the local socio-cultural environment.


Make a difference, become a volunteer. Teach subjects such as English, Craft, Community Health and Administration. Other possibilities could be discussed. We share experiences through volunteering and exchange programs.

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