Experience Nepal and Teranga Canada have just signed on MOU in December, 2008 to promote Fair Tourism in Nepal. Basically, Fair tourism is deeply linked to the idea of Cultural Exchange Programs between Nepal and Canada and fair tourists are the people who interested in learning more about the daily lives and social activities of Nepal. Experience Nepal provides an ample opportunity to the clients of Teranga to participate in small development projects in the community development.
We were very proud to start Teranga Fair Tourism Program and had very valuable experience with different cultures.
Local host-family and community directly benefited from the program and got a new experience. In the first group, Micheline Richard and Paul-Andre from Quebec, Canada participated the program. Micheline was retired nurse and Paul-Andre retired employee (U.N). Both of them had taught French language, singing, health education and other activities to the local school.
Partially, Micheline did nursing job in the local health clinic. They spent 6 weeks in Nepal.
In the second group, Solanie Poiquet and Geneviene Campbell, participated in Fair Tourism Program. As both of them are nurses, they worked in the local hospital, especially they trained the hospital nurses and staffs about proper nursing job and health and hygiene. At the end of the program, they submitted report to the hospital director regarding progressment and suggestion for further improvement. As well as, they have given first aid training to the students of local school in Thimi, Bhaktapur.
Both of programs were very successful and interesting and we always welcomed to the interested guests and volunteers from all round the world to participate in this Fair Tourism.


Make a difference, become a volunteer. Teach subjects such as English, Craft, Community Health and Administration. Other possibilities could be discussed. We share experiences through volunteering and exchange programs.

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