Hey to all beautiful people at Vinayak. I want to thank everybody for a really amazing time. I arrived in Thimi just after the Nepal Revolution. For the late start of the beginning of the school year. And now 2 months have past the time has cruised by. I’ve had so much fun with students, teachers and the people of Thimi made lots of friends and had lots of laughs. Everybody I’ve met while staying in Thimi have touched me in one way or another.

Words really can’t express how happy I am !
Khushee Lagio

Thank you to everybody !
Much love and respect.
Keep on Keeping on. Love your work ! Doing a great job.    hee     hee

Big Smiles
See you all (I hope) in 2008 !!

Brooke Harris


Make a difference, become a volunteer. Teach subjects such as English, Craft, Community Health and Administration. Other possibilities could be discussed. We share experiences through volunteering and exchange programs.

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